Mindfulness in Prisons Project (UK)

The Mindfulness in Prisons Project UK [MIPP], is a program that has been created and will be delivered by The Association of Creative Arts. The project came about as a result of research that pointed the therapeutic benefits of mindfulness for people seeking ways to manage depression and anxiety, create new habits and pattern of thoughts and also to develop a new outlook on life. So rather than be about rehabilitation, the MIPP has been created for both staff and inmates to develop empathy, emotional regulation and life management skills.

The project content was created by myself, including work done for the project was course creation including the scripts and the history of mindfulness and how to develop your own practice information. All of the scripts and course information was also recorded and produced by Sherile.

You can find out more about The Association of Creative Arts here and keep up to date with the project via their Facebook page.

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