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Learn How To Unlock Your Intuition
& Discover Your Clair Senses

Change Your Own Life and The Lives of Your Clients

Are you ready to... 

Receive divine guidance at will

Connect with people in a powerful way

Live your purpose

Develop your Spiritual Gifts

Discover your Clair Senses

Call in a constant stream of abundance

Live a life of Prosperity

Align with your true north

This intensive style of coaching produces rapid transformation

2- hour sessions

Practice Tools at Your Own Pace

Receive Accelerated Spiritual Downloads

Lifetime Access to Recordings

Community Forum for Ongoing Support

Join the 10-day 
"Unlock Your Intuition"
Group Coaching


Unlock Your Intuition & Clair Senses

Session 1

Monday, 20 February, 22:00 pm UK/GMT

Welcome the Super New Moon in Pisces, the sign of Intuition!


In this welcome session, you will be introduced to the practice of harnessing the powers of the Moon and the planet Neptune, our intuitive guides in the cosmos.

You will tune in to your intuition through a guided visualization.

You will discover your Clairs.​

Learn How to Harness Your Intuition and Spiritual Gifts
From a Spiritual Teacher, Angelic Reiki Master
& Intuitive Guide

You will learn that intuition is not just about receiving messages from the angels or the spiritual realm, but also about trusting and following the guidance of your own inner wisdom. Your intuition is a powerful tool that can help you navigate the challenges of life with clarity and certainty.

With guidance from the cosmos, the angelic realm and your inner wisdom, you will learn how to connect with your higher self, your inner guide, and the divine.

You are about to experience a profound, transformative and empowering experience, which will help you live a divinely guided life for you and those who seek you and your gifts on this adventure called life.


Meet Sherile

Your coach and guide for the Unlock Your Intuition Program is Sherile Turner-Myles, a gifted Intuitive Guide, Angelic Reiki Master, Astrology student, Psychotherapist and Spiritual Teacher. With her unique combination of skills and training, Sherile is able to provide her clients with a truly holistic and transformative experience. Sherile's approach is one of compassion, understanding, and trust. She is dedicated to helping her clients unlock their intuition and activate their spiritual gifts, so they can carry out their purpose of serving humanity, guided by the light of their own inner wisdom.

What People Say

I realized what I'm going through is necessary.... 

This is all new to me, but with Sherile's help it feels so good to see I'm actually going through this process for a reason and [sic] I am not alone.


What is intuition, and why is it important to unlock it?
Intuition is a natural inner knowing or sensing that guides us in life. It is a powerful tool that can help us make decisions, navigate relationships, and find our purpose. Unlocking our intuition allows us to tap into this inner wisdom and live a more authentic and fulfilling life.

Who is this program suitable for?
This program is suitable for professional coaches, healers, therapists and entrepreneurs seeking to connect with their intuition and develop a more fulfilling practice. It is particularly helpful for professionals who are feeling stuck, uncertain or disconnected from their inner wisdom.

What will I learn in this program?
In this program, you will learn how to tap into your intuition through various techniques such as meditation, hypnosis, journaling, and self-reflection. You will also learn how to trust and follow your intuition in everyday life and how to distinguish it from your thoughts and emotions.

How long is the program and what is the time commitment?
The program is delivered over a 10-day period, with 4 live online sessions. The recordings will be available for anyone who cannot attend the lives.  The time commitment outside of the sessions will vary depending on the individual, but on average, it will take about 1-2 hours per day of practice and introspection to experience powerful results. 

Will there be any support or guidance during the program?
Yes, you will have access to a dedicated community forum where you can connect with other program participants and receive support and guidance from Sherile.

Join The  
"Unlock Your Intuition"
Group Coaching


Regu;ar Price $299

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